A platform to create, issue, and manage the lifecycle of digital assets, associated markets, and digital financial instruments on public or permissioned blockchain networks

Value to Client

  • Investment firms can manage the lifecycle of their digital assets, streamlining governance, investor relations, and portfolio management 

  • Companies can issue tokens, manage cap tables, and address governance needs and corporate actions in a compliant manner 

  • Investors can purchase tokens, view portfolios, understand exposures, and perform related actions from one dashboard

  • Third parties can create private label experiences and gain access to new markets and revenue streams

Product Features

  • Streamlined creation of tokenized investment assets and digital securities

  • Functionality to power compliant issuance of tokens

  • Cap table and portfolio management

  • Investor onboarding and engagement

OUR Digital ASSEt Projects

  • https://www.meridio.co/ — Meridio enables you to create and invest in shares of individual properties on the blockchain