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Optimize Business Processes

Incorporate blockchain-native authenticity, scarcity, and programmability into workflows, enabling governance, compliance, and system incentives through secure APIs and scalable, customizable software

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Activate Digital Financial Instruments

Create and grow markets with potential for greater liquidity, reduced costs of capital, access to a broader investor and capital base, and improved incentive alignment between stakeholders

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Deploy Production-Ready Blockchain Solutions

Leverage the pioneering innovation of the Ethereum ecosystem to create compliant, production-ready blockchain solutions for use-cases across the financial sectors

The Codefi Product Suite


ConsenSys Codefi

The blockchain operating system for commerce and finance, built to optimize business processes and digitize assets and financial instruments



A platform to create, issue, and manage the lifecycle of digital assets, associated markets, and digital financial instruments on public or permissioned blockchain networks. Learn more.



A platform to send, receive, and manage cryptocurrency payments and revenue within a single dashboard. Learn more.



A suite of tools empowering anyone to utilize tokens and participate in decentralized networks. Learn more.



A data, analytics, and risk management engine for digital assets, public blockchain tokens, and their growing networks. Learn more.


ConsenSys Track Record in Commerce and Finance Powers OUr Platform


Countries with ConsenSys
presence and experience

50 +

Blockchain and digital
transformation engagements


Less custom code needed
to build solutions


$500 Million +

In tokenization projects, launches,
digital assets and currencies

$10 Billion +

Transactions executed on blockchains


Interoperable between public, private and permissioned chains, and support for range of token standards beyond ERC20